The complete guide to take you through all the info you need for the GLL Grand Slam PUBG Classic event.
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  1. Event Schedule

  2. Arrivals

  3. Location (Stockholm International Fairs)

  4. Public Transport (Trains & Buses)

  5. Parking

  6. Tickets

  7. Age Limit

  8. Luggage & Bags

  9. Medical Conditions

  10. Accessibility

  11. Re-Entering

  12. Smoking

  13. Goodie Bags

  14. Safety & Security

  15. Cosplay & Costumes

  16. Payments (Cash & Cards)

  17. Contact

1. Event Scheudle

  • Venue Days: July 19th - July 21st

  • Venue Open & Close: 2PM - 10PM



15:00 - Pre-Show
16:00 - Match #1
17:00 - Match #2
18:00 - Match #3
19:00 - Match #4
20:00 - Match #5
21:00 - Day Summary



15:00 - Pre-Show
16:00 - Match #1
17:00 - Match #2
18:00 - Match #3
19:00 - Match #4
20:00 - Match #5
21:00 - Day Summary



15:00 - Pre-Show
16:00 - Match #1
17:00 - Match #2
18:00 - Match #3
19:00 - Match #4
20:00 - Match #5
21:00 - Day Summary

Note: More specific day schedules will be available closer to the event dates.

2. ARrivals

The venue, Stockholmsmässan (or Stockholm International Fairs), is located 10 minutes away from the City Centre of Stockholm. The easiest way to get there is by train and stopping at “Älvsjö Station” where the venue will be right next to the train station.

If you’re travelling to the event from Arlanda Airport you can go first directly to the City Centre by buses, trains or express trains located outside the airport and then switch onto a train to go to Älvsjö Station. Should you arrive at Bromma Airport or Skavsta Airport you can also take buses directly to Stockholm City to then travel to Älvsjö Station.

Airport Buses:
Express Trains:
Venue Adress: Mässvägen 1, 125 30 Älvsjö


3. Location (Hotels, Food & Restaurants)

Stockholmsmässan is the largest exhibition center in the Nordic region and is the venue for the GLL Grand Slam event.

There are several hotel options within walking distance to the venue with Scandic Talk and Best Western Royal Star Hotel being right next to the venue itself. Inside the venue there will be a small kiosk open during the event containing main necessities, as well as a bar/kiosk inside of the arena which will sell lighter food, soda snacks and alcohol (18+). There are also more options of grocery stores and restaurants on both sides of the train station within walking distance of the event.

4. Public Transport (Trains & Buses)

The last train from the event to Stockholm City leaves at Älvsjö Station at 01:05 AM. However, should you miss the last train then there are night buses towards Stockholm City available throughout the night until the morning.

Plan your Public Transport travels with SL:

5. Car & Parking

If you travel to the event by car, please follow the signs by Älvsjö/Mässan by E4/E20. There are 3000 parking spots outside the venue, with charging stations for electric cars nearby. For more information on parking, please visit Stockholmsmässan’s website.

Should you travel by Taxi then there are several taxi companies which you can call:

  • Taxi Stockholm +46 88-15 00 00

  • Taxi Kurir +46 88-30 00 00

  • Sverige Taxi +46 20-20 20 20

  • TopCab +46 8 33 33 33


[Buy Tickets Here]

Tickets are currently available and can be bought for individual days or for the entire event. There are also Premium Tickets which gives you access to backstage tours, the best seats, the event after party and more! Please check out our ticket website for all the information and to proceed to purchase your ticket.

More information concerning tickets purchase at the venue will be available soon.

7. Age Limits

The GLL Grand Slam PUBG Classic major does not have any age restrictions on guests and anyone is free to come and enjoy the event.

9. Luggage & Bags

Guests are allowed to bring in bags & luggage but they will have to be checked by security to ensure that everyone is safe at our event. The venue and arena will not have a guarded cloakroom.

10. Medical Conditions

Should a guest need to bring in any special medicine or prescription into the venue and arena, please inform us via email to so that we can ensure that our security staff is aware and that you may bring this inside.

11. Accessibility

The restaurants, the conference halls and the exhibition halls are all accessible for disabled visitors. The venue has 20 parking spaces close to the Main entrance which are reserved for people with a disabled parking permit. Disabled toilets are also available on the premises.

12. Re-Entering

More information will be available shortly.

13. Smoking

Guests are not allowed to smoke inside of the venue.

14. Goodie Bags

More information will be available shortly.

15. Safety & Security

G-Loot will employ strict security and safety measures to the event to make sure that all guests feel comfortable during the event. Please arrive in a timely manner to allow for these security measures to be conducted.

At the event there will be a security team which will pat down guests upon entry to prevent any unprohibited materials from being taken into the arena. After the security check all guests will be prompted to show tickets to the onsite staff before they enter the arena.

Guests are not allowed to bring in any outside food or drinks into the arena.

16. Cosplay & Costumes

We welcome and encourage cosplaying at our events as long as the do not involve any prohibited items, such as:

  • Any sort of Weapons or Imitation Weapons (Rifles, Guns, Swords, Knives)

  • Bombs, explosives or any type of explosives and incendiary devices

  • Bats, clubs or any sharpened items

  • Laser Pointers

  • Metal items like frying pans, crowbars or sickles.

We will make no exceptions for these rules and we hold the rights to deny guests from entering the venue should they be broken.

17. Payments (Cash & Cards)

As Sweden is becoming a cashless society we recommend attendees to use cards and not withdraw too much cash as a lot of stores does not accept either bills and coins anymore.

18. Contact

For any questions or enquires about the event please contact us at:

Or you can reach us on any social media platform of your choice.